Streamline and simplify your golf planning business

  • Streamline and simplify
    • No more spreadsheets
    • No more formatting headaches
    • Improve pricing accuracy
    • Maximize margins
    • Simplify group management

Company Dashboard

Customer Status at a Glance

Pipeline management based on your processes

Communication logs

Automatic Lead capture and population

TODO Lists and Reminders

Performance Analytics

Improve accuracy and response times

Cost and pricing management

Auto calculate “all in” costs

Customize margins at line item or invoice level, or both

Transition quotes to itineraries, itineraries to invoices

System generation of vouchers, rooming lists, and tee sheets…

Easily manage vendor rates and supporting details

Customer and Vendor Payment tracking

Financials module for invoices, purchase orders, and payments


System generated emails with attachments for common events; i.e, sending quotes, itineraries, invoices, bookings, etc….

Automatic logging of both vendor and customer communications

Automatic capture of leads from your inbox


Customer portal attached to your website (premium)

Calendar and Address Book integration (premium)

Quickbooks real time integration (premium)

Quickbooks batch integration

Merchant Integration (premium)

Custom Branding and Color Palettes

Built on Mac, compatible with both Mac and Windows Platforms

Analytics tracking

Track your key metrics, i.e., rounds, room nights, etc…

Spend by vendor

Company performance

Quarterly performance for estimated tax obligations